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Rockland Uses eMaint to Maintain the Security of Their Key Request and Approval Process


Rockland Community College (RCC) is the only public higher education institution in Rockland County and has served as an educational resource since 1959. More than 8,000 students are enrolled from over 50 countries and over 200,000 people visit the campus each year for cultural, recreational and commercial events. RCC's Technology Center was the first building in the region to be certified under the Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

“The fact that eMaint CMMS makes the request process unequivocal and takes the 'he said she said' out of the equation is wonderful. The ease of use and the ability to customize our forms to mirror paper forms helped ensure rapid adoption of the system.”

Lorinda Hill Assistant to Director of Plant Facilities

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Lorinda Hill, Assistant to Director of Plant Facilities, has been with Rockland Community College since 1998. RCC was using another CMMS provider that lacked flexibility and reliability leading to poor user adoption and a reliance on paper forms which were often lost. The result was a communications and administrative nightmare. With nine buildings and several assets to track, the organization knew it needed to find another CMMS solution. The search began among 25 contenders, but then the candidate list was narrowed down to four based on cost and features. eMaint's CMMS was selected by RCC as it was the most configurable and could adapt to both present and future requirements.


Rockland Community College implemented eMaint as a locally hosted solution in 2005, then migrated to eMaint's software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, in 2009. The SaaS solution alleviates the headaches associated with maintaining hardware and performing backups and recovering from power outages. To ensure high user-adoption, the work order and work request screens were configured to match their pre-existing paper work order forms.

As the system administrator, Lorinda maintains configurations and security settings along with approving and assigning work orders by department. Work orders are assigned to a department and then delegated to an individual. Campus users are able to log into any computer to submit requests, view a work order status and receive email notification updates for complete accountability. RCC also uses their CMMS to track requests for keys through the required levels of approval, along with tracking when keys are issued and returned. Nearly 10,000 work requests have been processed since the system was implemented.

CMMS Implementation of Case Studies benefits
  • Software-as-a-Service model alleviates headaches associated with hardware, backups and power outages
  • Reports are now used to justify overtime and staffing and validate the amount of time spent on projects for budgeting purposes
  • Work request reports enable management to analyze and remedy recurring issues
  • Improved accountability as maintenance team tracks date and time of work completion
  • Track usage and mileage of college vehicles
  • Improved security on key request process from initial approval through issuing and returns

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