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Software as a Service

The Software as a Service Model

As Internet access is increasingly available to maintenance and facility management departments of organizations everywhere, the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for CMMS/EAM is fast becoming an attractive and viable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Historically, to benefit from CMMS, companies had to purchase, install and administer the system internally, and invest in the IT infrastructure needed to support the application on the customer's own network. This traditional software model typically has a high total cost of ownership for the customer.

Now, with the SaaS model, customers can plug in and subscribe to on-demand, anytime, anywhere CMMS services built on a world-class infrastructure and delivered via the Internet.

With eMaint's SaaS model, we provide the CMMS solution, along with all of the IT infrastructure and support services necessary to deliver it, to customers on a subscription basis. The subscription fee includes anytime, anywhere access to eMaint CMMS, system maintenance, automatic updates and upgrades, and unlimited technical support. All a customer needs to access eMaint CMMS is a standard Web browser and an Internet connection.

Putting the SaaS into Software

WHITEPAPER: This whitepaper is a guide to users that are in the market to purchase a CMMS solution where there are many options to choose from, and where systems should be evaluated not just for their functionality and ease of use, but also for their total cost of ownership (TCO). The white paper particularly focuses on providing a clear outline on the TCO of the SaaS model in contrast with traditional, premises based solutions in the delivery of CMMS software.

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PUBLISHED: January, 2010

Benefits of Software as a Service

Customers that choose the SaaS model gain many business benefits, including:

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How to Buy

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