Meet the work order app for eMaint: Fluke Mobile, available on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store

Fluke Mobile is a smartphone CMMS app built to empower maintenance technicians on the go. From a mobile device, workers can create work orders, access planned work orders and procedures, and retrieve historical data for any asset in their facility. The app simplifies inspections on the go and responding quickly and accurately when assets need attention. Technicians can stay productive and in-the-know anywhere. Fluke Mobile even works offline using asynchronous technology to seamlessly harmonize data with eMaint.

With Fluke Mobile, technicians can quickly troubleshoot equipment problems, view relevant documentation, and manage spare parts – maximizing uptime and driving your maintenance program to success.

9 Reasons Why Fluke Mobile is the Best Work Order App

The following are nine of the top ways that the Fluke Mobile app helps improve maintenance operations and simplify work orders:

1. Easily Create & Complete Mobile Work Orders & Approve Requests

Fluke Mobile lets users make updates, track asset history, upload images or documents and quickly locate spare parts to complete work orders efficiently. The information can be accessed from any location via a user’s mobile device. For supervisors, the app provides real-time insights, allows the approval of work requests and gives a clear picture of your operations at a glance.

Maintenance and reliability teams love eMaint. Here’s how a 15-year veteran cites the dependability of the app:

“My technicians use [Fluke Mobile] every day to sign on and complete work orders. I thought it would be hard to learn at first, but the implementation process and training made it easy on us.”

2. Spend Less Time on Data Entry

With Fluke Mobile, you can simply tag assets or parts with a barcode or QR code. Then, using your mobile device, you can scan these in just a few seconds to create a work request, eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone data entry.

3. Simplify Spare Parts Inventory Management

Maintenance teams can also use Fluke Mobile to book spare parts to work orders. Fluke Mobile’s tracking tools can help maintenance managers step up their strategy for parts management, boosting productivity, saving costs, and reducing downtime while technicians look for parts.

4. Easily Access Historical Maintenance Data

Fluke Mobile lets technicians access historical maintenance data about any assets in a facility. This gives your technicians the right data when they need to troubleshoot issues quickly and get assets back up and running faster. In fact, some customers have seen the Fluke Mobile app help reduce unplanned downtime significantly.

5. Improve Work Order Completion

Teams can use Fluke Mobile to edit and complete work orders and complete inspections – breaking down barriers and keeping team members in the loop with the information they need to do their jobs well. The work order app lets teams create work orders, then monitor repairs and maintenance from anywhere, receiving up-to-the-minute updates from the team all the while. As a result, you can keep tabs on your entire operation without having to pick up the phone, take control of your work order backlog, and increase your overall process efficiency.

6. Clever Work Order App Notifications

Fluke Mobile can send push notifications to user devices and notify them of newly assigned work orders. This ensures technicians can respond more efficiently to work right away.

7. Log Work Hours

With the eMaint CMMS integration, Fluke Mobile lets technicians log work hours retrospectively or in real-time from their mobile device. This allows for actual reporting of time without delays. Technicians and maintenance managers can stay on the same page even when working in different locations.

8. Improved Reporting

By using Fluke Mobile, teams can truly transform their operations with automated real-time reporting. Reports and dashboards  are accessible in eMaint with just a few clicks. A manager has everything they need to know about their assets – from work orders to preventative maintenance schedules and much more – at a glance. Plus, simply knowing that maintenance data is being accurately captured and safely stored can help ease the stress of an audit. You can simply pull the required reports, and with automation, you can feel confident that the data is accurate, complete, and in compliance with the relevant industry standards and regulations.

9. Fluke Mobile Work Order App & Connected Tools

Fluke Mobile has a totally unique innovative advantage to collect meter readings. It allows the connection of Fluke Tools over Bluetooth to capture readings in real-time within the Fluke Mobile app. It eliminates human errors and helps to capture these readings much more efficiently.

Fluke Mobile CMMS: Key Takeaways

With Fluke Mobile, you can check off the following:

  • Keep your maintenance teams in the know
  • Reduce data entry time
  • Access important documents on the fly
  • Paperless environment
  • Complete procedures on the go
  • Track labor & material costs
  • Eliminate costly delays

For more information, see the Fluke Mobile App.