CMMS Solutions for Fleet Organizations

cars patternFleet is one of the most important assets in a company, so it makes sense to improve the safety of your workers and maintain your equipment.  eMaint offers fleet maintenance software that is easy to use and effective in saving time and costs. The software allows you to control fleet vehicle costs by capturing, tracking and analyzing fleet TCO metrics, including vehicle data, vehicle usage, fuel consumption, inspection requirements and costs.
Users can also streamline fleet maintenance processes by integrating oil analysis applications such as Polaris Laboratories and Staveley Services Fluids, to analyze critical fluid results. In addition to controlling fleet costs and streamlining fleet maintenance processes, you will also maximize overall vehicle reliability by automatically triggering preventive maintenance and scheduled work based on vehicle meter readings. The software will help improve DOT compliance with automated reminders for inspections and customized reporting tools.
“4 Ways to Improve Safety with Better Fleet Management” by Reliable Plant highlights some great ways to help improve Safety in Fleet Management such as Preventive Maintenance and Fleet Monitoring.
Preventive Maintenance 
Heavy schedules can make it difficult to plan maintenance, but when Preventive Maintenance is pre-scheduled, it reduces unplanned downtime for equipment and will help with future scheduling.  To save time, you can group interval-based maintenance such as fluid changes and tire rotations to minimize the time a vehicle is off the road.
Fleet Monitoring
With Fleet Monitoring Software, the cost-effective solutions can identify unsafe driving practices like speeding, tailgating, or heavy braking so that drivers can be re-educated about safe driving practices before those bad habits become permanent.  In addition to safety, another benefit of these metrics being recorded is that it helps you judge the effectiveness of your routes which will ensure that you save time and fuel, and reduce wear and tear on the vehicle.

CMMS Success Story in Fleet 
ARES Shipyard is a leading ship manufaAAEAAQAAAAAAAATyAAAAJDE4OWZhZDQ0LTg5ZDAtNGViYi1iNTRmLTU5ZThiNmMyMDY3NQcturer in Turkey, specializing in custom ships, yachts, patrol boats and passenger ferries. ARES had so much success with eMaint CMMS because they developed the PM tasks and pre-scheduled them in the system. They had a number of large assets with many parts that required maintenance and by writing up these tasks in advance and assigning them monthly/daily/yearly maintenance, all they had to do when they implemented the CMMS was add those into eMaint. They were able to efficiently manage maintenance for an eight vessel luxury catamaran ferry line. By leveraging a CMMS, ARES Shipyard also experienced:

  • Reduced time spent on corrective maintenance data entry by 67%
  • Reduced time spent manually filling out PM work orders by 625 man hours per year
  • Improved customer satisfaction and contract compliance by providing full transparency on all maintenance services being performed on vessels

“For our client running resort hotels and ferry lines, passenger safety and comfort is the primary concern, and it is our job as their maintenance service provider to make sure maintenance is completed effectively and efficiently. eMaint’s CMMS solution has helped us ensure that nothing is missed when it comes to maintaining the vessels, and has in turn helped our client ensure the well-being of their passengers.”

-Ozgun Utku A., Integrated Logistics Support & Configuration Manager, ARES Shipyard

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