Save time and improve accuracy by integrating real-time sensor data into your CMMS.

How would you like to see continuous vibration, electrical and thermal imaging data from Fluke sensors within your eMaint computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) system? With this integration, data will display seamlessly from Fluke Connect™ sensors and software directly into your CMMS.


Why should you integrate sensors with your CMMS?

Having access to real-time and historic asset data is crucial when making maintenance decisions. Remote, wireless sensor technology like three-phase power monitors and vibration sensors make collecting this crucial data easier than ever with continuous monitoring and the ability to integrate with your CMMS.

Some benefits of this data integration include the following:

Eliminate data entry and routes

Save time, reduce unnecessary route-based maintenance and improve data accuracy by integrating asset data readings from Fluke sensors directly into your CMMS.

Generate work orders for unacceptable readings

Once a reading falls above or below defined upper/lower boundaries, a work order will be generated within eMaint CMMS with more information about the issue based on the collected sensor data.

Automate your record-keeping

Tracking asset history is key to improving your maintenance and reliability team’s decision-making. Access continuous sensor data from within your CMMS to streamline record-keeping and make more informed decisions.

Compatible condition monitoring sensors

Incorporating remote, continuous vibration monitoring via sensors like the Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor into a new or existing predictive maintenance program empowers maintenance teams to increase uptime reduce the likelihood of asset failures. Condition Monitoring software collects sensor data via the Fluke 3502 Gateway and allows users to generate mobile alarms and work orders. Because the software aggregates real-time and historic data from all Fluke Connect-enabled sensors and test tools, teams are able to see a comprehensive picture of equipment health, helping them make more informed maintenance decisions.

Vibration sensor

The Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor is a wireless device that streams data to Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software via the 3502 FC Gateway.

Troubleshooting with a three-phase power monitor like the Fluke 3540 FC enables teams to identify potential power issues before costly equipment failure or downtime occurs. Connecting the power monitor to condition monitoring software allows users to trend or graph these measurements to show fluctuations during a monitoring period. Alarms can also be programmed to be sent to teams when assets exceed or fall below preset thresholds, allowing them to respond to potential problems quickly.


The Fluke 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitoring sensor is easy to install and connects to Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring Software.

Data integration success story

Dana Incorporated, an automotive parts manufacturer, was one of the first customers to integrate data from Fluke sensors into its existing eMaint CMMS dashboard.