When searching for a maintenance management solution for a large, global corporation, companies are interested in more than dispatching work orders and responding to work requests. Today, maintenance plays an important role within companies across all industries, and assets are considered corporate entities. Large and Enterprise organizations require robust Enterprises Asset Management (EAM) software to maximize asset life, improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and comply with strict regulatory standards.

Screenshot of assets listed in eMaint CMMS

Improve Asset Health

eMaint CMMS enables organizations to build reports and dashboards to monitor and analyze asset performance in real-time. With the click of a button, you can view work history, purchases, breakdowns and more for each of your assets.
By creating parent groupings and child assets, organizations can also store and display assets in a hierarchical structure. With the right asset hierarchy, organizations can greatly improve asset performance.

Asset performance improvements include:

  • More effective proactive maintenance scheduling
  • The ability to control costs by pinpointing work to the correct asset level
  • Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) becomes a possibility. FMEA is a step-by-step approach for identifying all possible failures in a design, manufacturing process, asset or service.
With eMaint’s cloud-based maintenance management system, your organization will have the tools you need to maximize Return on Assets (ROA), and ultimately reduce maintenance costs. Setting automated Ranking Index Maintenance Expenditure (RIME) rankings is a seamless way to prioritize work on critical assets, and Preventive Maintenance programs help extend asset life.

Support Regulatory Compliance

Screenshot of Inspections reading report in eMaint CMMSOrganization across the world contend with OSHA, EPA, GMP, ISO or FDA every day. eMaint has helped thousands of organizations leverage their software to help ensure regulatory compliance. CMMS enables organizations to produce detailed documentation on work performed and charges on each asset and attach SOPs, instructions, LOTO and other safety documents to work orders. Additionally, organizations can capture the start and stop times of inspections, attach inspection instructions, and indicate if the inspection is a pass or fail.

Integrate with Third-Party Software

 eMaint also helps its clients maintain system accuracy and reduce requirements for duplicate entry of data by integrating eMaint with external third-party applications. For example, financial data can be shared between third-party corporate systems, such as SAP and Oracle, in order to automate asset management, procurement, and parts inventory management.