eMaint CMMS Features

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software allows users to improve maintenance workflows and team performance. By reducing maintenance costs, leadership tracks and manages efforts as well as attending to an ever-growing maintenance backlog.

However, many businesses that implement a CMMS only take advantage of the most common features. There is an absolute goldmine of underused features exists within eMaint CMMS software that users fail to leverage. The list below provides nine of the most underutilized features in eMaint CMMS software that customers can benefit from today.

  1. Work order sign-on/off dashboard: Quickly view dashboards to see work assignments, as well as start the work order (WO) clock. Once finished, users sign off and software creates the labor charge. In addition, our widget updates manager reports, so leadership sees who is completing what WOs, providing specific information about how long each WO takes.
  2. QR codes: Create weblinks or QR codes so users can access data quicker than before. Workers scan the QR code to submit a work request while on the go. QR codes can also be used to access specific asset data, such as the WO history, related parts, and more.
  3. Workflow manager: Many CMMS users do not fully leverage the workflow management feature. When fully utilized, the Workflow Manager enables automated work order routing. For example, whenever a work request is submitted that requires selection of a safety checkbox, software automatically sends safety personnel an email. Workflow manager enables users to create rules and conditions from which automation actions are taken.
  4. Parts checkout using a barcode scanner: Workers can more easily check out multiple items using a barcode scanner than manually inputting data. After multiple parts are scanned, information will appear in CMMS software, whether on a smart device or computer. Information includes item numbers, descriptions, parts on hand, unit cost, and checkout quantity.
  5. Multi-part check out for WO part charges: Similar to the barcode scanner, multi-part checkout enables more time- and cost-efficient resource usage. Users tick off the items they want to use for a WO and then select the quantity they are charging out.
  6. Asset Reservation Tool: Imagine a workflow that doesn’t lead to resource or reservation scheduling conflicts. The Asset Reservation Tool allows users to block off an asset or space for a set amount of time, whether that’s a vehicle, room, or tool. Assets already reserved cannot be double-booked. Software sends an email to requesters notifying them of reservation status and history.
  7. Log Location: When used from a smart device, such as a phone or tablet, CMMS software stamps the current location and time into related WOs. The latitude and longitude are inserted onto a table, as well as a link to Google maps.
  8. Interactive Plans: Providing users with a map or floorplan improves their efficiency and allows access to data. Upload and attach a floorplan, site map, or another image directly into work orders or asset information. Assets can even be pinned on a map to increase location visibility and findability.
  9. Work Permit: Digitization is at hand. And the more swiftly workflows are transferred from paper to digital, the more efficient work becomes. Using the Work Permit feature allows teams to create a digital paper trail for permits and processes. Managers can edit PDFs to meet new project parameters, track the progress, and even link permits to WOs or preventive maintenance schedules.

Capitalize upon your eMaint CMMS software subscription by leveraging these features to improve maintenance processes. Make more informed decisions and improve the efficiency of workflows by using software to it’s fullest potential. Using these features not only streamlines maintenance efforts but also cuts down on wasted resources—transitioning maintenance from a budget drag into a business value add.

To learn more, please contact one of our eMaint CMMS customer service managers for a personalized demo.