How we think of safety today

Cloud-based computer maintenance management system (CMMS) software enables maintenance teams to be flexible and work safely. As current work restrictions begin to loosen, organizations must consider future workplace safety best practices. While many existing processes could remain, an additional layer will likely be necessary to include new or more rigorous sanitation processes, continued remote work, and physical distancing inside the office and plant. eMaint CMMS can help your teams transition to a safer environment.

CMMS safety

Use a CMMS to:

  • Stagger work order scheduling, so that onsite maintenance teams can practice physical distancing,
  • Create or update your safety product inventory to include essential items such as masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant supplies.
  • Provide a safe, reliable way for onsite and offsite teams to communicate maintenance management needs wirelessly and keep production moving.

As things unwind, eMaint CMMS provides you with a way to take proactive steps such as updating maintenance procedures and processes to incorporate new safety measures. Here are a few guidelines to consider.

Other proactive steps:

  • Digitalize all paperwork and store documents in your CMMS to eliminate the “touching” of paper; access documents from anywhere via a PC, mobile, or laptop.
  • Amend your current safety practices to include new standards to enhance workplace safety.
  • Update any video presentations to include new safety procedures.
  • Update or create PMs and add tasks to ensure safety compliance.
  • Increase your investment in wireless technology and strengthen the organization’s infrastructure.

We hope you continue to stay safe today and for the future.  We’re here to help.