How to reduce maintenance cost with a CMMS

A robust system such as eMaint CMMS provides you with a highly efficient way to manage and maintain assets and also reduces the associated costs, including labor and productivity, parts and inventory, and unplanned downtime.

In each of the eMaint CMMS case study examples below, specific goals were identified before implementing the CMMS, including increasing work-order completion rates, cutting downtime, expanding production outputs, boosting overall maintenance operations visibility, and improving PM compliance.

5 examples of quantified savings using eMaint CMMS

Developing baseline asset data enabled each organization to measure success by comparing data from before implementation with that from after eMaint was installed.

  1. Food processing plant – Work-order completion rates skyrocketed by 400%
  2. Corrugated cardboard producer – Production outputs rose by 20% without any additional workforce; downtime was reduced by 38%
  3. Texas school district with multiple facilities – Moved from zero maintenance labor cost visibility to 100% visibility of all facilities
  4. Multi-site automobile manufacturer – Realized more than 95% on-time completion rates
  5. Bow and archery accessories manufacturer – Achieved a 77% increase in PM compliance

How to calculate and grow your CMMS ROI

Ultimately, how much you optimize your eMaint CMMS capabilities will significantly impact your return on investment (ROI) and ability to achieve overall short- and long-term continuous improvement goals.

If you haven’t implemented a CMMS yet and need a preliminary way to show organization executives the expected value, or you’re just curious about your potential savings, the eMaint ROI CMMS calculator can help. With an ROI estimate in hand, you’ll be able to answer the question, “How will it get paid for?” and why a CMMS is a sound investment that pays for itself quickly.

eMaint customer savings exceed ROI estimates

If you decide to proceed further, you’ll be supplied with a more detailed ROI picture during your free consultation with one of our eMaint CMMS experts. Here’s a small sample of some of the data our customers provided to us and their projected ROI estimates.

In most cases, once eMaint CMMS software was implemented the actual savings were significantly higher than the estimates.

Labor and resources – unplanned maintenance costs

Parts and inventory – unnecessary spare parts inventory

Downtime – lost revenue due to downtime

According to recent surveys, 42% of unplanned downtime is caused by aging equipment and costs industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion annually. A CMMS helps you save time and money and beat the odds by increasing asset reliability and extending equipment life.

Find out your cost savings today.