If there’s ever been a time to test whether your inventory is organized, accurate, and, most importantly, manageable remotely, it’s now.

The words that apply today were voiced some years ago by Dan Floen, president of PM2, during his Accelix Best Practice Webinar presentation, How To Achieve Inventory Process Reliability. He said, “You can’t have maintenance reliability unless you have inventory reliability.”

Resourcefulness and out-of-the-box thinking are what’s enabling maintenance teams and staff members to continue to work and remain safe during the  pandemic. So is the ability to work remotely using technology. The eMaint computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a linchpin for many organizations to stay up and running.

Inventory management with eMaint CMMS

For example, if you’re leveraging the eMaint inventory management feature, you’re likely ahead of other maintenance operations that may be struggling due to a lack of connectivity and/or remote capabilities.

If a workforce member is not essential to plant operations during the pandemic, they are probably working from home, including those who enable parts approval requests, purchases, and reorders.

With eMaint, inventory management activities such as these can be done remotely using the cloud-based CMMS software:

  • Requisition parts through personnel working from home
  • Receive and process requisition approvals
  • Reserve parts for upcoming work orders
  • Receive an alert when item quantities reach a threshold

The eMaint inventory management feature empowers organizations to manage parts availability using a smart device. Whether workers use a mobile phone, tablet, or PC, both critical onsite and offsite employees can gain instant visibility and access from anywhere.

Here is feedback from an eMaint customer about using the CMMS remote capabilities during the crisis:

“I had a moment of deep gratitude this morning thinking about where we would have been had this pandemic affected us in this way just 6-7 months ago when we were still relying on paper-based asset and work order management systems,” said Cliff A. Muller, Senior Manager, Facilities & Engineering, at Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing, based in Grand Rapids, Mich.

“Thank goodness for eMaint! While we still need maintenance techs and engineers physically onsite to execute work, the vast majority of the workflow approvals can, and are, being executed by staff working from home.”

The eMaint CMMS is especially beneficial to organizations with multiple sites because it enables maintenance professionals to juggle plant inventory and send parts where needed should a supplier be unable to deliver. With eMaint, you can stay connected remotely and achieve maintenance reliability by ensuring components are readily accessible for all types of maintenance.

Learn more about how to stay connected and track inventory remotely using the eMaint CMMS.