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Low-Code Integration

Easily connect eMaint to your stack: SAP, Salesforce, Power BI, and beyond

eMaint simplifies CMMS connections with low-code integration

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Connect to 1000+ apps

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Automate with workflows & recipes

eMaint X5 computerized maintenance management system (CMMS software) can help access procedures and process repository.

Unite MRO, purchasing, inventory

How compatible is eMaint with my technology stack?

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eMaint CMMS streamlines CMMS integration, connecting your CMMS to the software critical to your business processes with low-code integration.

You gain the power to build workflows between your CMMS and…

  • ERPs like SAP, Oracle NetSuite, and Sage Intacct
  • CRMs: Salesforce, HubSpot, Monday.com
  • BI Platforms, from Microsoft Power BI to Tableau

Low-code integration simplifies the process of developing secure connections.

You save time and money compared to native integration: the complex, costly, and slow-moving work of building your own connections.

Automated workflows called recipes can trigger work orders, correct data entry errors, share alarms across the organization.

Read on to learn how eMaint offers a wealth of integrations: parts and inventory management data with SAP, work orders through Outlook, invaluable data analytics with Power BI, and much more.

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Simplified Connection to ERPs, CRMs, BI Platforms, and More

You can connect eMaint to Salesforce, Slack, Marketo, NetSuite, ServiceNow, Workday, and many more applications, including a broad variety of ERP software like Oracle and SAP.

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Maintenance, Inventory, and Operations Workflows

eMaint’s low-code integration simplifies workflows between your maintenance program on eMaint and your existing technology stack. Work orders sent through Slack, inventory purchases in ERPs reflected in eMaint, and calendar events that mirror scheduled eMaint work orders are just a few of the possibilities you can explore.

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Connect eMaint To Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Platform

Your ERP is your finance and operations hub—the birthplace of purchase orders, inventory entries, and operations procedures that flow into your purchasing system and other SaaS software.

Your sales, finance, inventory, and operations personnel may rely on connections between your ERP and other platforms, a network of software and solutions, as a central nervous system for the business.

How, then, do you integrate your CMMS into this complicated network?

Manual entry introduces the risk of human error and gross waste of labor.

Building your own connector costs you valuable time and money—and there’s no guarantee that it will work.

Low-code integration with eMaint simplifies this connection between your CMMS and your ERP. Data flows both ways. You can empower your maintenance program with ERP data and keep your sales, finance, and operations teams updated with maintenance data from your CMMS.

Connecting eMaint CMMS to your ERP gives your teams real-time insights that lead to smarter decisions, which means increased profit and growth.

Top 3 CMMS & ERP Workflows That Save You Time and Money

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Track & Update Your
Inventory Across Software:

Motor undergoing maintenance? Spare part being used for a repair job? Create workflows to automatically update data between eMaint and platforms like your ERP.

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Manage Maintenance Purchase
Reqs & POs:

Route purchase requisitions and purchase orders from maintenance to inventory or accounting, ensuring financial traceability for your maintenance work.

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Send Labor
Charges to Accounting:

Build workflows between eMaint and your accounting system to give your finance team visibility on maintenance labor costs.

eMaint: The Leading CMMS for Simplified Integration

eMaint leads the CMMS industry in integrations—ensuring that your maintenance
and business processes work in harmony across technologies

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Speak to a specialist to learn more about how eMaint integrations
give you easy access to a wealth of data.