eMaint Integrations:

SCADA & PLC System Integration

Gather siloed asset data from sources like SCADA systems and
automate condition-based maintenance

eMaint integrates with SCADA, empowering you with production data.

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SCADA, PLC, BMS, and more

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Condition-based maintenance

eMaint X5 computerized maintenance management system (CMMS software) can help access procedures and process repository.

Automate work orders

Looking for seamless SCADA system integration?

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eMaint CMMS taps into SCADA systems, giving your maintenance & reliability teams access to siloed production monitoring data.

eMaint connects to all the following systems and more:

  • SCADA systems like CIMPLICITY, SIMATIC WinCC, and Ignition
  • PLC systems, from Siemens to Mitsubishi and Schneider
  • BMS/BAS systems: Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Trane
  • MES and MOM systems

You gain valuable insights into asset health: temperature, water flow, pipe pressure, and powerful KPIs like usage or up/downtime.

You can also automate work orders to generate when maintenance is needed. Maintenance is performed on the right asset, at the right time to prevent failures.

eMaint and SCADA integration strengthens reliability, boosting uptime and OEE.

Read on to learn how eMaint unlocks the wealth of data in your SCADA system, giving you the power of condition-based maintenance (CBM).

What is SCADA?

A SCADA system, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system, is a network of hardware and software for supervising industrial machines and facilities.

SCADA systems monitor production line status in real time. They’re composed of sensors gathering machine data, software organizing the data, and graphical interfaces used to monitor equipment status and control operations.

Giving supervisors insight into asset performance and visualizations of production lines, SCADA systems are invaluable for managing industrial operations.

SCADA systems often incorporate Programmable Logic Controllers, or PLCs, a technology often integrated into SCADA systems for controlling sophisticated industrial processes. Related or similar industrial monitoring systems include Building Management Systems (BMS), Building Automation Systems (BAS), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

SCADA and similar systems are vital for daily operations – and underutilized for maintenance and reliability.

eMaint integrates SCADA data into its maintenance management platform,
giving maintenance and reliability professionals access to a wealth of production line data.

How does eMaint connect to my SCADA system?

eMaint SCADA Connection infographic

A sensor on a motor, for example, measures the temperature as part of a SCADA system. eMaint’s integration tool, Connect2Assets, links the motor in the SCADA system to a corresponding digital asset in eMaint. Once the connection is made, temperature measurements are visible under Asset Meter Readings.

Now that the motor is connected to eMaint, you can choose what data to gather, how often it is collected, and specify conditions on which data is sent to eMaint.

Let’s say the motor’s normal temperature fluctuates between 0 and 100 degrees. You can choose an interval to record the data on, say every 24 hours, as well as decide under what conditions measurements are sent. In this case, you might want to send data to eMaint when temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

Once this data is at your fingertips, you can take advantage of the eMaint features designed to streamline your move into condition-based maintenance.

Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) with eMaint

Condition-based maintenance, or CBM, is a strategy for maintenance programs where work is scheduled based on machine condition.

Maintenance is performed on the right assets at the right time, rather than to a standard calendar. Your maintenance actions are optimized for the needs of each piece of equipment. Too much maintenance introduces extra risk, and too little leads to breakdowns.

Here is what CBM looks like with eMaint:

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Condition-Based Work Orders

eMaint gives you the ability to choose specific conditions that trigger work orders based on data from your SCADA system. An exception to the normal range you set will generate a work order for the asset with relevant information.

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Automated Measurements

eMaint can be set to record measurements automatically at a specified interval, reducing the labor it takes to inspect equipment and log it in your CMMS.

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Quick Results, Rapid ROI

Begin your Condition-Based Maintenance program and quickly see a return on investment.

How SCADA Integration and Condition-Based Maintenance Enhances Reliability

Maintenance teams who use eMaint to access SCADA data and establish condition-based maintenance save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in labor.

Moving to condition-based maintenance with eMaint has been shown to reduce calendar-based preventive maintenance work orders by as much as 25%.

On increasing equipment uptime, one customer increased product capacity by 65% on critical assets thanks to eMaint’s SCADA integration.

Getting started with an IIoT program used to be expensive, but eMaint makes SCADA integration and condition-based monitoring cost-effective and common sense to implement.

eMaint is built to connect your maintenance program with a broad range of data sources, SCADA systems being just one of its integrations.