Benefits of Moving From Reactive to Preventive Maintenance

Establishing an effective Preventive Maintenance schedule can lead to some serious improvements in daily processes, and across your entire organization. If your organization depends on a reactive, “fire fighting” maintenance mode, higher maintenance costs, failure rates and downtime could be the unfortunate results.
With PM scheduling software within a CMMS, organizations have experienced benefits such as:

  • Improved scheduling for short term and long term maintenance
  • Increased knowledge of maintenance activities and PM tracking
  • Decreased manual data entry
  • Eliminated paperwork with barcoding capability
  • Ensured consistency in maintenance tasks
  • Passed compliance audits with extensive records on inspections, inspection notes, etc

But to achieve these results, sometimes organizations need a little direction to get started, and eMaint can help! eMaint has a variety of Best Practice Webinar recordings, like “Secrets of Great PM Programs” to help you begin realizing the benefits of Preventive Maintenance Programs.