Managing maintenance operations and business can be challenging in the wake of the pandemic. And, the strategic advantages of having remote access to critical maintenance information are evident.

Because eMaint Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software is a cloud-based, maintenance and reliability (M&R) professionals and support staff can access it wirelessly, from home as well as at the plant, to keep production flowing.

These are five of the most beneficial eMaint CMMS features being leveraged remotely by organizations and teams:

1. Dashboard and reports: Use the dashboard feature to create customized reports to fit your goals, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and trend maintenance progress efficiently. Whether you’re onsite or offsite, you can access your dashboard to view reports in real-time, including work completions, maintenance backlog, and downtime, all in one place.

2. Interactive maps: This feature is one of eMaint’s most powerful tools. You can instantly see a plantwide view of assets running or not running via color-coded pins. Click the pin to access all of the asset’s stored data, including critical work order histories and other helpful details. Prioritize work and make informed repair and replace decisions, even when you’re not at the plant.

Interactive maps


3. Work requests and work orders: Even if you’re working remotely, you can approve a work request made by an operator at the plant. When a request is submitted, the eMaint system sends you an email notification viewable on smart devices, such as a PC, laptop, or mobile phone. Once the request is approved, a work order is generated automatically, and you can assign it to a technician who will also receive a notification.

Approving WOs remotely

4. PMs and tasks: Automate PMs and you’ll always stay on schedule, even when away from the plant. With eMaint, you can track maintenance activities “live,” view approaching PM due dates, and manage PM completions to ensure work compliance.
PMs by dtae

5. Inventory management: More and more administrative personnel are working from home, including those in charge of approving and processing parts requisitions and purchase orders.  eMaint CMMS enables maintenance team members at the plant to request a part to be purchased, which can be approved and processed by staff working remotely. You can also reserve a part for an upcoming PM, track and manage inventory, and ensure parts availability by configuring the system to trigger a notification should quantities fall below a certain threshold.

Inventory reorder points to ensure availability

Are you interested in learning more about eMaint CMMS software and its additional features and capabilities? Please contact us for more information.

Already have eMaint and considering adding condition monitoring? The software fully integrates with Fluke Connect™ vibration sensors and power monitors and enables you to monitor critical assets 24/7. Receive alerts immediately if asset conditions change and make informed decisions based on real-time and historical data.