If you haven’t already, now is the time to update your workplace safety plans to meet potential new requirements necessitated by the threat of COVID-19.

Get ahead of the expected government regulations by updating your policies, procedures, and operational processes, including those related to workplace cleanliness and sanitization. And, eMaint Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software can help.

As the pandemic continues to impact workplace norms, companies will want to demonstrate to their workers that their organization is prepared and committed to keeping employees safe. Here are just a few ways to use eMaint to implement, manage, and enhance workplace safety at your plant or facility.

First, upload the standard OSHA, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), state, and/or federal government documentation regarding COVID-19 prevention and risk assessment into eMaint CMMS to help update your policies. You can also upload EPA-approved disinfectants preventing the spread of the virus, attaching them as “Tool Requirements” for deep cleaning work orders.

In addition, use your CMMS to:

  • Automate and track workplace safety PMs and ensure daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning and sanitization
  • Configure the system to require form signoffs to confirm plant and facility areas have been cleaned and disinfected
  • Stagger work schedules to enable physical distancing
  • Create task lists for deep cleaning, including proper disposal of PPE and cleaning cloths and attach it to the work order
Screenshot of Creating a WO and attaching a checklist

Create a WO and attach a checklist

Leverage eMaint features to ensure worker safety

eMaint CMMS can easily be adapted to fit COVID-19-related safety workflows, processes, and procedures. For instance, use the dashboard feature to track all workplace safety PM activities and create reports to document to auditors your organization’s strong commitment to safety.

Display real-time data and multiple reports on one screen, including cleaning and sanitization work order (WO) completions, pass/fail safety inspections, and scheduled corrective WOs.

screenshot of multiple dashboards on one screen

View multiple dashboards on one screen

Our CMMS contains many other robust features to help you implement, maintain, and manage an enhanced safety program. Here are two powerful ones to help ensure employee safety:

  • Inventory management: Input your company’s PPE and any other safety products into your  CMMS, including face shields and masks, hand sanitizers, cleaning cloths, and sanitation and cleaning products. Ensure availability by setting thresholds and configuring the system to notify you automatically when an item needs reordering. You can also attach helpful information such as a list of FDA-approved products to the PM to ensure proper, safe sanitization.
Set PPE inventory reorder points to ensure availability

Set PPE inventory reorder points to ensure availability

  • Interactive maps: This feature enables you to create zones using a digitalized map of your facility or plant floor. Use colored pins to indicate whether work has been completed (or not) in each specific zone. Before the WO is completed, a red pin shows the work is not done; once the WO is completed, a green pin will appear automatically. You can also show work in progress indicated by a blue pin.

Also, when you click the pin, you can dive into work order details, such as who is assigned, what needs cleaning, and what task needs a corrective WO. Additionally, you can set up the system to require different cleaning and sanitization schedules, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, for each zone depending on the need.

Use pins to indicate areas to clean and sanitize; click the pin to see WO details

Use pins to indicate areas to clean and sanitize; click the pin to see WO details

Expedite your digital transformation

According to a recent SME survey of more than 700 manufacturing professionals, 62% of respondents said their organization plans to invest in at least one technology post-pandemic, with most companies planning to invest in two technologies.

A cloud-based CMMS, such as eMaint, can connect people to systems and devices wirelessly, enabling contactless interaction and physical distancing. Reassure your employees that their workplace safety is a priority.

As we get through this pandemic, it can also help your organization make strides toward an IIoT-enhanced digital transformation.