How A CMMS Can Help Businesses Save Money

Without an effective CMMS solution in place, your maintenance team is constantly juggling various requests. With no priority list or standardized method in place, machines are not repaired based on criticality, but instead maintenance is performed in order of when requests were received.
This can be serious problem, and impacts productivity across your entire organization. In’s article, “What is a CMMS and How Can It Save My Business Money,” they discuss the areas where you you can cut costs with CMMS, and used our ROI Calculator as a way to calculate potential savings. We’ve included some highlights below, and you can read the full article here.
An effective CMMS helps increase organization in scheduling labor hours and equipment repair, but also has the capability to track maintenance and implement both Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance to avoid failures before they occur. CMMS can prioritize certain jobs, calculate costs and ultimately save your business a lot of money.
There are four main categories where CMMS can help cut costs:
1) Labor and productivity

  • Maximizes labor resources through better planning and scheduling
  • Reduces time spent manually assembling reports and KPIs
  • Reduces data entry through real-time mobile maintenance

2) Parts and inventory

  • More effectively coordinates part and equipment availability
  • Reduces expedited shipping costs through better coordination of part availability

3) Downtime

  • Reduces the cost of lost production
  • Decreases the amount of time production staff stays idle

4) Asset life cycle costs

  • Extends the life of assets by tracking preventive maintenance
  • Improves your return on assets by gaining insight into repair vs. replace decisions

Using these categories can help you calculate an estimated return on investment of a CMMS to help justify the cost (in both time and money) of a new software. To get a better understanding of where the numbers and calculations are coming from, GetUp suggests using the simple equations found in our ROI Calculator.

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