Project Description

Run Energy Achieves Uptime as high as 95% for Renewable Energy Client through eMaint CMMS

Customer Since: 2010 | Industry: Energy

Run Energy uses state-of-the-art software systems to provide operations, maintenance, installation and technical services to renewable energy and environmental industries internationally. Run Energy requires thorough maintenance scheduling and planning, eMaint CMMS is used to accomplish this, as well as many other objectives. The software allows for easy access to information needed by technicians, improved productivity, and increased on-time work orders.

  • Achieved 95% Online Time By Improving Productivity

  • Improved Information Accessibility For Technicians from Any Location

  • Increased On-Time Work By Actively Monitoring “Non-Compliance”


Run Energy provides operations, maintenance, installation and technical services to renewable energy and environmental industries worldwide, specializing in wind power, landfill management and gas systems. With a presence in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, Run Energy uses an array of state-of-the-art software systems to enhance the operational performance of power plants and gas systems, improve efficiency, maximize safety and reduce costs for its clients.


Run Energy provides operation and maintenance services to approximately 33 landfill clients. These services require comprehensive maintenance planning and scheduling tasks, including labor resources coordination, materials planning and third party contractor coordination. They have completed 12,400 maintenance tasks for their largest client over the past 3 years.

The eMaint work order system is used to initiate, monitor and report maintenance tasks. The customer is provided with total transparency and accountability, facilitated by comprehensive eMaint CMMS web based data management and reporting systems. Ian Greig, Technical Manager at Run Energy, recommends eMaint to his customers as the CMMS of choice, since many of them have no maintenance plan in place.


Run Energy has used eMaint CMMS to accomplish many objectives; including achieving ISO 9001:2008 for landfill environmental management services. Quality management is a central component of Run Energy service delivery to customers. Run Energy relies on eMaint to provide records of tasks performed, manage calibration and maintenance of tools and instruments, as well as managing internal and customer audits which are all key components of quality management.

Gaining about 5 new clients per year, Run Energy has perfected an efficient implementation and on-boarding process. By focusing initially on asset structure, then moving on to preventive maintenance, labor hours and purchasing, Run Energy describes its implementation process as “easy and effective.”


  • Achieved ISO 9001 certification – eMaint CMMS was vital to the work completion and auditing process for managing calibration and the maintenance of tools and instruments
  • Improved productivity as well as auditing and internal processes with technicians, spending 95% of work time performing tasks
  • Easily access information required by technicians from any location
    Increased on-time work orders since “non-compliance” is actively monitored
  • Sustained a 95% online time for a 24/7 power station client for three years (the remaining 5% is attributed to planned maintenance)
  • Provides a municipality client transparency of work performed (a requisite) by granting them easy access to eMaint CMMS

“We have been able to sustain a 95% online time for three years running for one of our 24/7 power station clients by efficiently planning and tracking all preventive maintenance”

Ian G., Group Technical Manager, Run Energy