Studies show that organizations spend 80% of their time reacting to issues rather than proactively preventing them using Predictive Maintenance (PdM) software. PdM allows your to predict failures and monitor performance on your most critical assets. This helps organizations across all industries save time and money.

eMaint’s Condition Monitoring tool allows you to define acceptable boundaries for equipment operation, import readings, graph results and automatically trigger an email or generate a work order when boundaries are exceeded. The empirical data provided within eMaint can help improve asset reliability and boost cost efficiency.

Improving the Way Organizations Manage Predictive Maintenance.

Don’t just take our word for it. eMaint clients have achieved...

140% increase in proactive work orders
96% work completion rate sustained

$150,000 savings on one project through parts requirement projections
45% reduction in reactive maintenance labor time

Condition Monitoring

Even the most comprehensive scheduled maintenance program can result in undetected faults leading to unexpected failures. Using eMaint’s condition-based maintenance tool, you can monitor noise, vibration, temperature, lubricants, wear, corrosion, pressure and flow for each of your assets.
Identify Failures Early

Define upper and lower boundaries of acceptable operation for each asset, and auto-generate work order or emails when a reading falls outside of predefined boundaries.

Prevent Breakdowns & Shutdowns

Enter meter readings manually or import them from a file, then display readings as a report with color-coded exceptions.

Optimize Maintenance Resources

Take the guesswork out of scheduling maintenance to your technicians; assign work as needed based on analysis of asset condition data.

Enter Readings when Offline

With eMaint’s Offline Mobile App, technicians can enter condition monitoring readings without being connected to the internet. The updates will then be synced to their eMaint account when they’re able to get online.

Third-Party PdM Integration

eMaint integrates its CMMS software with SEMEQ, a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) service provider that specializes in the utilization of condition-based monitoring instrumentation, techniques and technologies.
Improve Asset Health

Automatically generate a corrective work order in eMaint when a negative diagnostic report is recorded by SEMEQ.

Reduce Operator Time

Eliminate double-work and manual data entry through seamless data syncing between eMaint and SEMEQ.

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