Integrating teams, data, and systems

Data integration is the backbone of a sound reliability process, and what the team doesn’t know will hurt the organization. Enhanced capabilities when aligning multiple data streams, such as integrating condition-based maintenance data into the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software will increase visibility, productivity, and enhance planning activities. To maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), tracking of work orders, parts inventory, and critical asset history is a baseline for optimized decision making.

CMMS Software provides the foundation

CMMS Software is the underpinning of a robust process. Tracking asset health and implementing a proactive approach to maintenance will allow teams to manage the schedule and reduce downtime. Predictive maintenance enables M&R teams to anticipate equipment performance. Through monitoring conditional change, interpreting those trends, and arriving at actionable insights, maintenance, and reliability process are streamlined. Less interruption to production yields stronger results.

One screen, one view

Incorporating a single lens view of activity plans, asset history, and OEM information is now possible with the eMaint CMMS Software data integration to the Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring (FCCM) cloud. Seamless upload of continuous condition data from sensors to FCCM, asset tagging, and transfer to CMMS Software ensures asset records contain real-time information. Inclusion of this information into work orders and resource allocation provides decision-makers with all the tools at their fingertips.