How Can CMMS Help Support NIAHO & Other Healthcare Accreditations?

DNV GL, an international certification body and classification society, believes it is time for a change in healthcare. The National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (NIAHO) has created an integration with CMS Conditions of Participation and the ISO 9001 Quality Management Program. This program is the first of its kind, and nearly 500 hospitals are currently accredited. While this sounds great, it means compliance checks every year, rather than every three years.
Complying with yearly audits from DNV GL, as well as managing critical assets such as generators, sterilization equipment, x-ray machines, air purifiers, and more, can become a challenge without a maintenance management system in place. eMaint CMMS can help hospitals and healthcare organizations support compliance for regulations, such as ISO and NIAHO, by providing the ability to:

  • Track work order history and charges related to each asset
  • Document work procedures to verify work is being carried out in accordance to regulations
  • Attach documents (such as safety manuals and procedures) to records
  • Track inventory and spare parts usage
  • Track labor and hours spent on each work order
  • Auto-generate, and set up email alerts for, Preventive Maintenance (PM) tasks
  • Generate reports and dashboards to show KPI data
  • Track work requests to ensure on-time completion

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eMaint makes it easy for hospitals and healthcare facilities to manage, track and schedule maintenance in order to extend asset life, keep track of costly spare parts, and prevent equipment failure. As an example of what eMaint can help organizations in healthcare accomplish, lets take a quick look at the story of Health and Hospital Corporation:
The mission of Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County is to promote and protect the health of everyone in the community, and provide healthcare to those who are underserved. When they found themselves needing a CMMS, they chose eMaint due to the flexible interface with exceptional support at an affordable price. With eMaint’s powerful CMMS software, they were able to:

  • Provide detailed documentation for Joint Commission audits
  • Track time and expenses by building and department for budget reconciliation
  • Justify repair vs. replace decisions by closely tracking asset maintenance
  • Manage over 2,000 commercial and residential assets including warranty tracking
  • Flag safety issues, so that they can be prioritized and resolved quickly

“Getting a CMMS is like getting your first computer. When we first implemented eMaint, we didn’t realize all of the things that could be done with it. Now, we don’t know how we could have ever operated without it.”
– Rex S., Director of Facilities, Planning and Construction at Health and Hospital Corp.
Click here to read Health and Hospital Corp’s full success story. To learn more about how eMaint helps facilitate major improvements for healthcare providers, visit eMaint’s Healthcare Industries page.

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