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Increase Compliance with a CMMS

The 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Asset Management Software recognized eMaint CMMS as a Visionary EAM/CMMS platform for its delivery of innovative products that support organizational operations.

One important way that eMaint delivers innovation is by helping its users comply with industry and governmental regulatory standards and prepare for audits.

In the Magic Quadrant study, Gartner describes how eMaint supports ISO 55000 standards and offers the technical controls to support FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

eMaint has numerous customers globally in a range of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, oil and gas, utilities, and the public sector. Such industries all have their own rigorous standards, and eMaint helps these organizations with industry-specific compliance and audit preparation.

When looking to successfully pass compliance audits, whether its OSHA, EPA, GMP, ISO, IATF, or FDA, organizations can use the process document flow and data capture capability of a CMMS to comply with the strict compliance standards. A CMMS enables users to keep electronic records and audit-trails of all maintenance processes and operations. And because a CMMS platform helps provide companies an awareness of their assets’ condition, they can keep them properly maintained to avoid production gaps and unplanned downtime.

Here are 10 ways a CMMS helps with compliance:

  1. Track work history
  2. Document procedure
  3. Attach documents to a record for easy audit fulfillment
  4. Track inventory and spare parts
  5. Record labor and hours spent
  6. Auto-generate PMs
  7. Generate reports and dashboards
  8. Track work requests
  9. Automate email alerts
  10. Track calibration

Be better prepared for your next audit or inspection by leveraging the power of eMaint CMMS.

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