Types of Users

Full User Login

Full eMaint users are provided with standard-level access to the system. The security rights for these users can be as limited as you chose. This enables administrators to configure the level of access for each individual user of the system.
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Work Request User Login

Available with Subscriptions: Team Professional Enterprise

One of the ways in which work requests can be entered into the system is by creating Work Request User Logins. This allows each work requestor to have a unique eMaint login to submit work requests and material requests, and view the history of their requests, providing you with higher visibility of the requests being submitted.
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Tech Select User Login

Available with Subscriptions: Professional Enterprise

As a Tech Select user, your technicians will have access to a carefully-selected set of features designed for technicians to update your CMMS account from the field or production floor as work is being performed. Tech Select users can also access CMMS data including work requests, work orders, parts, meter readings, inventory, assets and contacts.
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Optional Account Types

Vendor Portal Account

Available with Subscriptions: Professional Enterprise

eMaint offers a secure Vendor Portal Account option that provides vendors with the ability to be assigned and track work, but restricts access to all other areas within your CMMS. This enables you and your vendors to view their open and completed work, records of material and labor costs, and more.

Distribution Account

Available with Subscriptions: Professional Enterprise

Our read-only Distribution Account option is designed for service providers who want to keep their clients up-to-date on the status of work, but limit them to other areas of their eMaint account. This features helps to improve customer satisfaction by providing clients with access to a read-only account that is refreshed daily.

Consolidation Account

Available with Subscriptions: Enterprise

Designed for enterprise-level reporting and access to data across multiple sites, eMaint’s Consolidation Account option provides users with the ability to view performance metrics and data on a regional, divisional, national or global scale.
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Master Account

Available with Subscriptions: Enterprise

With eMaint’s Master Account option, users can create, assign and edit global work orders, assets, parts and tasks, and push them out to multiple locations on a global scale. This multi-site tool helps organizations standardize processes and data across sites.
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