Preventive Maintenance Software Definition

Preventive maintenance software streamlines the planning process to make the most of each resource.Preventive maintenance software helps maintenance teams achieve efficiency and consistency. It documents, tracks, and organizes tasks and procedures, giving team members centralized access to the information they need. By creating a sequence of procedures for every task, maintenance leaders can ensure every technician has everything they need to complete their work.

With preventive maintenance software, teams leave the expense, uncertainty, and stress of reactive maintenance in the past. Preventive maintenance (sometimes called “planned maintenance” or “preventative maintenance”) is a simple strategy that uses regular maintenance actions based on a calendar or recommendations from an asset manufacturer.

One of the main benefits of preventive maintenance is predictability. Teams that know when which tasks will happen can plan their budget, inventory, and scheduling needs accordingly. With improved planning as a result of using preventive maintenance software, maintenance teams can reduce costs and increase uptime and asset life.

Preventive maintenance software streamlines the planning process to make the most of each resource. Individual assets have their preventive maintenance schedule laid out in software. Every screening and procedure completed can be documented — helpful not just for reference but for reporting and audits.

What Are Three Types of Preventive Maintenance Software

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Using CMMS software, maintenance teams automate tasks and workflows, manage a range of assets, streamline compliance and reporting, and increase communication and transparency. CMMS software can integrate with other applications and tools and evolving maintenance solutions.

Enterprise Asset Management

Teams centralize and execute their enterprise asset management strategy with EAM software. An EAM strategy is focused on the asset lifecycle, ensuring reliability and efficiency by focusing on asset health and performance.

: Preventive maintenance software offers centralized maintenance management teams can access from anywhere.Asset Performance Management

APM software monitors, identifies, and diagnoses potential equipment faults. Real-time knowledge of asset health is a powerful tool. Teams use data to reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance spending, extend asset life and make data-driven decisions to achieve organizational goals.

Who Uses Preventive Maintenance Software?

Forward-thinking teams from any industry use preventive maintenance software. Schools, stadiums, and everything in between can benefit from a centralized maintenance management system their teams can access on the go.

Reactive maintenance hurts organizations, with consequences including high maintenance costs, reduced safety, and increased downtime. Stay ahead of the curve and solve potential failures before they become unsafe or bust your budget. Automate your PMs, optimize your workflows and processes, and access asset performance data anywhere.

How Can I Request a Free Online Demo of Preventive Maintenance Software?

eMaint offers training before, during, and after implementation. Click here to schedule a free demo with one of our product experts.

Industries that Use Preventive Maintenance Software

Fleet Maintenance
Oil and Gas
Facility Management
Food and Beverage
Life Sciences


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