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Pure Fishing Goes Paperless by Utilizing the Mobile Interface of eMaint CMMS

Customer Since: 2013 | Industry: Manufacturing

A leading global provider of fishing tackle, lures, rods and reels, Pure Fishing operates in 19 countries with a workforce conversant in 28 languages. Pure Fishing wanted a web-based, paperless CMMS solution that suited their need to track thousands of monthly work orders and nearly 2,000 assets. eMaint rose to the challenge, and the company was now able to stay on top of work order statistics, track hours and improve reporting methods in real-time. MX Mobile, eMaint’s mobile CMMS, has also helped facilitate greater communication within the Pure Fishing team.

  • Gained Real-time Visibility Of Completed and Scheduled Work

  • Created a Paperless Environment With the use of MX Mobile

  • Increased Productivity With Barcode Scanners on Mobile Devices


Pure Fishing is a leading global provider of fishing tackle, lures, rods and reels with a portfolio of brands that includes Abu Garcia, Mitchell, Penn, SevenStrand, Shakespeare, Stren, Trilene and Ugly Stik, and operations in 19 countries. Paul Murphy, Facilities Engineering Manager, and Robert Peyton, Group Technician Supervisor, sought a CMMS solution to more efficiently manage the building, equipment and grounds at their Lean production facility in Spirit Lake, Iowa.


Along with a necessity to track nearly 2,000 assets and thousands of work orders each month, Pure Fishing desired a paperless solution to help support a “green” and sustainable work environment. When setting out to find the perfect web-based CMMS, Pure Fishing envisioned a web-based and scalable application that supported mobile access, real-time data updates and SAP integration. The ability to tailor screens and processes to match their exact requirements and provide all of the KPIs they wished to track with minimal data entry was also paramount. eMaint’s CMMS met all of these requirements.


Pure Fishing chose an ‘All In’ subscription level for their 14 users which includes access to a dedicated Account Manager. After attending an eMaint New User Boot Camp and User Group Summit at the start of their implementation, the team began bringing over assets and preventive maintenance tasks and initiating work requests. They wasted no time in purchasing Apple iPhones and iPod Touches for each of their mobile users, and worked with their dedicated Account Manager to customize the mobile interface to match their vision of simplicity and efficiency. Within a month of implementation, Pure Fishing had completed over 3,000 work orders.

With the real-time dashboard at their fingertips, Pure Fishing stays in-tune with where they stand regarding key work order statistics, and more importantly, where they want to be. “We started with about 70% reactive work orders and 7% planned work orders,” says Peyton. “Our goal is to switch these numbers.” With the ability to track hours and work order completions right on their mobile devices, Pure Fishing is able to record how time is being spent, and measure how they are operating relative to standards. Along with allowing for improved reporting methods, the real- time mobile capability of eMaint CMMS has created a substantially-improved level of communication between the Pure Fishing maintenance team.


  • Real-time visibility of completed work and work to be performed on the eMaint dashboard
  • Ability to use the eMaint software on mobile devices of all sizes and tailor the interface to their match their entry requirements
  • Real-time web-based access that provides an efficient method for managing work and spotting trends
  • Improved communication between the maintenance team due to the ability to access their mobile CMMS from anywhere at any time
  • Ability to complete tasks on mobile devices to support a paperless work environment
  • Standardization of work order comments provides a knowledge base for problem resolution
  • Barcode scanners on their mobile devices for increased productivity

“The mobile maintenance management solution offered by eMaint has really opened our eyes to what is being done on a daily basis within our production plant. It’s kind of like being born blind, and then suddenly being able to see.”

Robert P., Group Technical Supervisor, Pure Fishing

“I can be just about anywhere- at home, on the road, in a hotel room and I can still have real-time access to the mechanics of our PM system, along with consistent communication with the maintenance team. Assigning work orders and sending instructions to technicians through my mobile device is even quicker than calling them on the phone.”

Paul M., Facilities Engineering Manager, Pure Fishing