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Why this large Texas school district gives eMaint CMMS an A+

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Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the Grand Prairie Independent School District (GPISD). With 43 campuses spread across 58 square miles, GPISD needed a versatile CMMS to keep its facilities operational 24/7. eMaint CMMS software helped the organization gain complete control of its assets and inventory and empowered it to move from reactive practices to a preventive maintenance program.

  • Took command of campus-wide maintenance activities at 43 facilities

  • Shifted from 0% labor cost visibility to 100% visibility

  • Saved 25% on existing CMMS subscription costs by changing to eMaint


GPISD has a workforce of more than 4,000 and is the largest employer in Grand Prairie, TX. The area’s growth continues to trend upward, and it’s projected that the present 29,000+ student population will increase substantially. In fact, the school district is slated to add another campus soon, for a total of 44 facilities. GPISD realized it would need a first-rate computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to grow with them.

Campus maintenance operations were formerly supported by Dude Solutions software. Dianna L. Drew, Director of Logistics and Documents Services for GPISD, determined the district needed an elevated CMMS. After a rigorous search, including participation in a few trial road tests, the district decided that the eMaint CMMS Enterprise level system offered them the optimum solution.



The Grand Prairie Independent School District faced many hurdles, including navigating the shift from a reactive mode to preventive maintenance one. With the old CMMS, control of assets was difficult, maintenance labor costs could not be tracked, and failure work orders were common occurrences. Tasks normally made simple with a CMMS, such as creating an asset repair history report, could not be executed.

GPISD also faced the seemingly insurmountable task of uploading exhaustive amounts of data, barcoding scores of assets, and standardizing maintenance and inventory activity at each of its 43 locations.


The old CMMS data was of such low quality, including more than 10,000 inventory line items with numerous duplicate entries, that data import could not be accomplished. eMaint’s renowned customer service stepped in to quickly identify a team to help the organization compile its complete inventory. Because of eMaint’s assistance, a job that would have normally taken at least eight months took less than 10 days.

Drew made sure that technicians were able to hit the ground running once the CMMS was implemented. Three weeks prior to launch, teams were provided with sample work orders so they could play with the system. Personnel also benefited from eMaint CMMS live and recorded training sessions and workshops. To ensure success, GPISD brought eMaint experts onsite during the week the system went live. The launch was a total success, according to Drew.


The new system helped GPISD turnaround its faltering maintenance program. The organization routinely tracks inventory and labor and uses the system data to produce conclusive and actionable reports to help properly maintain and extend asset life.

GPISD maintenance teams and staff find the software to be exceedingly adaptable. Assets are grouped sensibly, and work orders are created within moments. Staff members love the ease of the system with its uncomplicated web forms and single sign-on capability. When packaged together, including a 25% savings actualized by switching to the eMaint CMMS, GPISD has seen an appreciable return on its investment.


  • Progressed from reactive to preventive asset maintenance management

  • Opened the door to instant data-driven reporting to show maintenance progress

  • Simplified asset and inventory searches and enabled reporting by categorizing equipment

“This level of inventory accuracy is a game-changer. In a short time, we’ve made huge strides in understanding how we need to work to achieve our goals.”

Dianna L. Drew, Director of Logistics and Documents Services for Grand Prairie Independent School District