Benefits Of Online Work Orders vs. Work Order Templates and Forms

The key to executing an effective maintenance plan is a trustworthy system for scheduling and dispatching work orders. Is your organization one of the many that manages maintenance on spreadsheets or simple, paper-based work order templates? While these methods may be functional and lower in cost for some, there are numerous challenges that can arise in efficiency, reliability and more.

There are a host of maintenance management improvements that are only possible through implementation of a Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solution. We compiled a list of benefits of utilizing a web-based, electronic work order system over a simple, free, or spreadsheet based work order template.

Automate & Streamline Processes

In a fast-moving maintenance environment, you need a maintenance management solution that can keep up. It is impossible to automate information recorded on paper work orders, so a staff member must be tasked with manually updating and managing information. This can nearly be a full-time job.

Save time by automatically charging material requirements for preventive maintenance to work orders as they are produced. CMMS solutions also help to establish processes for work requests, with automatic approval and assignment based on work type. Schedules can be changed in real-time using the PM Manager tool, allowing mass changes without having to meticulously alter each individual schedule.

Whispering Woods Resort is a 74-unit vacation ownership resort located on 10 acres in Welches, Oregon. The Whispering Woods team needed a way to manage requests from guests and resort staff, and keep track of backlogs.

After implementing eMaint, the resort was benefited in a variety of ways. These included a 20% improvement in productivity and response time to requests, the ability to keep up with expanding maintenance and housekeeping needs.

“eMaint has improved our ability to make sure all guest requests are completed, units are being properly maintained and costs are allocated to the correct association – all in one easy to use system. ”-Pat E., General Manager, Whispering Woods Resort

Avoid Missing Due Dates

Constantly referring to spreadsheets and post-it notes to determine what work needs to be completed can become very unmanageable. Remaining compliant with internal and external audits is of the utmost importance for organizations across all industries. Without a CMMS to provide automated reminders/alerts when a work order or PM task needs to be completed, for audits or otherwise, vital work will slip through the cracks.

eMaint’s online work order system allows you to automatically send customers, tenants or staff email alerts when a request is accepted or rejected to keep them aware that they are the top priority, and that their requests are being responded to quickly and efficiently.

Burris Logistics operates a network of frozen food warehousing and distribution systems, offering a range of services. Before eMaint CMMS, warehouse maintenance was documented in cumbersome spreadsheets.

To meet Process Safety Management compliance, the team defined tasks and automated email reminders within eMaint to alert when OSHA documentation needs to be updated, when Safety Team Meetings are scheduled, and when safety-related PMs need to be performed. In addition, the system aids in the OSHA Mechanical Integrity Element by providing specific information on all equipment, manufacturer’s recommended specifications, and inspections based on asset type.

“eMaint CMMS provides automated reminders of upcoming inspections, Safety Team Meetings and the documentation needed to comply with OSHA Process Safety Management Regulations. ”-Doug L., Plant Engineer, Burris Logistics

Access Historical Data at Your Fingertips

CMMS solutions provide the user with extensive historical data on important assets, work orders, scheduled preventive maintenance and more. Without that data safely at a maintenance manager’s fingertips, regulatory compliance and audits can be very challenging.

Use the power of reporting, archiving and preventive maintenance tools within eMaint’s web-based work order system to help pass audits and meet compliance standards for quality, environmental, energy, food safety, and more.

Since 1985, Boasso America Corporation has been providing depot and transportation services to an ever-growing ISO Tank Container industry.

Since implementing eMaint, regulatory compliance has improved noticeably at Boasso. The compliance department uses eMaint daily to track all service requirements and regulations for tractors and drivers, including licenses, insurance credentials, expiration dates, highway inspections, driver violations, and more.

“We appreciate the openness provided by eMaint. The software is controlled, yet flexible. We track the information important to us, and the system tells us exactly what we need to know. We now use eMaint as our measuring stick for all other software packages. ”-Amanda H., Project Manager, Boasso America Corporation

Scale Your Business Effectively

Profitable growth is a major goal for most organizations, and spreadsheets and paper-based solutions do not grow with an influx of labor. As businesses extend their reach, simple work order templates become harder to organize, track and maintain. It’s like finding a needle in an ever-expanding haystack.

As your maintenance department grows or shrinks, your CMMS solution can be adjusted to better meet your needs. Within a single system, organizations are enabled to access and share data and inventory across multiple locations. Easily add or remove users, and there’s no need to invest in additional servers as needs change.

A global provider of polymer-based materials and solutions, PolyOne serves industries ranging from construction to healthcare to electronics. PolyOne has grown organically and through mergers and acquisitions around the world.

With eMaint, the company completed a rollout to 50 locations in just over one year – 12 months ahead of schedule. They also teached targeted maintenance expense reductions in the first full year of operation, a large part due to global transparency of parts inventory. Most importantly, for PolyOne customers the initiative has contributed to the company’s ongoing improvements in response time, reliability and quality.

“Maintenance is one of several areas that requires time and focus. A plant that is reactive in its approach to maintenance can be costly. To compete in today’s global marketplace, you must recognize the impact to your business and your customers. With eMaint CMMS, our plants have tools and metrics to enable us to increase OEE, support our proactive approach to maintenance, and most importantly serve our customers even more effectively. ”-George G., Sr. Project Engineer, PolyOne Corporation

Eliminate Human Error

With a whole team of maintenance technicians entering information on paper, human error becomes a daily challenge. This can lead to an incorrect record of spare parts, a lack of up-to-date work procedures, and an unclear understanding of what work still needs to be completed.

Rather than relying on tribal knowledge or paperwork, with a CMMS, you can attach Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), instructions and other safety documentation to an online work order. Technicians can access the online work orders in the office and on-the-go, and everyone on the maintenance team will consistently follow the same procedures.

The New England Fertilizer Company (NEFCO) designs, builds and operates biosolids processing facilities, and is responsible for treatment of municipal wastewater byproducts, producing high quality Class A fertilizer.

NEFCO uses eMaint’s document storage feature to offer easy access to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), technical manuals and safety how-to’s. Mechanics have tablets, so they can review these SOPs, as well as open and close out WOs via electronic signatures in the field.

“eMaint is our state-of-the-practice CMMS. It allows us to track key business metrics, helps us comply with environmental standards, and ensure work is completed on-schedule. About 100 employees interact with eMaint, and everyone in NEFCO appreciates eMaint’s ease of use and 24/7 access. ”-Bill Hollman, Corporate Operations Manager, NEFCO

Understand & Manage Backlog

Without an intuitive work order management system to keep track of requests, project status and more, there is no surefire way to know what critical work is still in the queue, and what work has already been completed. This leads to wasted labor hours, and general disorganization.

With a CMMS such as eMaint, your team will have to ability to stay up-to-date with all work progress, and more efficiently use labor resources. View reports and dashboards or list-views of all open work orders categorized by type, technician, department and any other user-definable field. You are also enabled to establish workflow processes for the submission, approval and rejection of work requests.

Managing maintenance on work order templates and spreadsheets worked for organizations for years before the advent of the Internet. However, with the power of a CMMS, you can take your maintenance work order management to the next level and experience benefits that were previously impossible. This includes process improvements such as reducing duplicate data entry, eliminating human error and keeping up with due dates. It can also help organizations adapt with the pains of an evolving business by allowing you to scale your business effectively, and assess historical data anytime, anywhere.

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