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eMaint MX Mobile Maintenance

eMaint MX Mobile Browser Based Solution

eMaint MX, a wireless version of eMaint, provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for maintenance personnel in the field. Designed to run on smart phones, mobile computers, or any device that is browser-enabled, eMaint MX reduces the paperwork required with hard-copy work orders.

All that is needed is an internet connection and you're ready to start working in real-time.

Save Time and Money

eMaint MX frees the technician from the PC, allowing you to extend your CMMS throughout the facility. Work orders, assets and parts inventory can be viewed directly on the handheld unit and updated as the work is done. New work orders can be entered directly into the system through your mobile device as well.

Track What's Important

Keep track of all your inventory usage and labor hours without all of the paperwork. Create, assign and approve work requests for any asset. Wireless options allow for information to be retrieved and updated in real-time, offering up-to-the-minute details on assignments, work order status, available inventories, and other important maintenance information.

eMaint MX Mobile Highlights

Work Request Module:
  • Create work requests for any asset
  • View and assign open work requests
  • Approve or Reject work requests with reason codes
Work Order Management Module:
  • Review assigned work orders and PMs
  • Close out work orders
  • Locate assets and create new work orders
  • Track labor and inventory usage
Inventory Control Module:
  • Issue Parts
  • Receive Parts
  • Return Parts
  • Perform physical counts

How to Buy

We invite you to view pricing information for eMaint products and services. For detailed pricing specific to your needs, call us at (856) 810-2700, complete the 'Contact Me' form, or email us at

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