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Work Order Tracking Software System

eMaint CMMS Work Order Management Software

eMaint CMMS is a full-featured web-based Work Order Management software system that companies use to drive asset performance and improve return on investment. Stop the endless phone calls, post it notes, missing paperwork and use eMaint CMMS to reduce direct service costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase stakeholder and resource value.

eMaint's Work Order Tracking Software includes some of the following key features:

Work Requests
  • Improve workflow efficiency by providing a fast and easy tool for submitting work requests as well as material requests
  • Maintain customer satisfaction with automated alerts when customer requests are approved, rejected and completed.
  • eMaint Request Center enables unlimited number of customers to easily submit requests via email that are automatically captured
  • Work request form accessible from your Intranet site for easy web-based submission of work requests and service requests
  • Optional routing of requests to designated individuals for approval based on business rules
  • Sort service orders by customer, priority, region, problem type, or other user-definable filters
Work Order System
  • Ability to configure Work order screens with desired form layout, fields, and workflow behaviors
  • Record and track all PM and non-PM work orders and work requests in the system
  • Easily capture labor, parts and material costs by customer, building, department, cost-center or other user-definable criteria
  • Built-in "point and click" Planning and Scheduling tools
  • User-definable email notification capabilities - automatic or "on demand"
  • Assign multiple employees and multiple job procedures to work orders
  • User-definable cause, failure and remedy codes specific to asset types
  • Record and track multiple labor, parts and material costs
  • Track job time, response time, machine downtime and other metrics
  • Assign Work Orders to projects and view project history
  • Upload manuals, drawings or any rich media documents and relate them to work orders
  • Material requests can be submitted as a standalone request or added to work orders
  • Mobile work order system
Work Order Management System Listings
  • Print work orders in html or pdf format and customize the printed form
  • Apply user-defined filters to the list view to easily locate work orders
  • Print and close groups of work orders with Group menu options

Screen Shots

To view example screen shots from eMaint's Work Order system please click on the thumbnail images below. These are just a small sample of the many features in the maintenance work order software and Maintenance scheduling software, as well as examples of how you can easily customize eMaint Work Order template to suit your needs.

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work order management
Detailed Work Order Related Tables Work Order Related Tables

Sample Work Order Record
Sample of Work Order RecordSample Work Order Record

eMaint CMMS Work Requests Through Work Order Management System
Work Requests Through eMaint Work Order Management SystemWork Request Records

eMaint CMMS Work Order with Charges
Work Order with Charges Adding Charges to a Work Order

Viewing Work Order Charges With a Work Order Tracking System
Viewing Work Order Charges With a Work Order Tracking System Viewing Work Order Charges

eMaint CMMS Work Order List
eMaint CMMS Work Order List Work Order File Listing

Next Steps

For a complete understanding of the work order software's capabilities, or to determine if it is the right work order management software for your needs, consider one of our product evaluation options by clicking here, or contact us by email , or live chat.