eMaint’s work order management system provides dozens of features and tools that allow you to go beyond just managing work. It enables you to take control and constantly make improvements, driving you one step closer to your maintenance goals.

Improving the Way Organizations Manage Maintenance Work.

Don’t just take our word for it. eMaint clients have achieved...

$2,000,000 annual savings from reducing waste
75% reduction in reactive work orders

45% increase in work order completion with no additional staffing
100% on-time completion rate for critical work orders

Work Orders

Put an end to the phone calls, Post-It notes and missing paperwork with eMaint’s web-based CMMS software. Its configurable interface makes it easy to work the way you want to work by customizing form layouts, fields, and workflow actions.
Increase On-Time Work Completion

Using eMaint’s work order scheduling software, assign work orders to the appropriate technician‒whether on-site or in the field‒with the click of a button, and sign off on the work order with a digital signature.

Stay In-the-Know of Work Progress

View a report, dashboard or list-view of all open work orders categorized by type, technician, department, and any other user-definable field.

Improve Safety Procedures

Attach SOPs, instructions, Lock-Out-Tag-Out and other safety documents to work orders.

Go Green & Support Sustainability

Reduce the need to print and file work orders with the web-based and mobile work order management software solution.

Access Work Orders when Offline

With eMaint’s Offline Mobile App, technicians can access their work orders, log labor hours and notes, and record when work is completed without being connected to the internet. The updates will then be synced to their eMaint account when they’re able to get online.

Work Requests

Whether they’re submitted from customers, internal staff, or tenants, responding to work requests promptly and efficiently is a top priority for all organizations. With eMaint’s work request manager, you can put your mind at ease when it comes to managing, organizing and prioritizing work requests and material requests.
Improve Workflow Efficiency

Establish workflow processes for submitting, approving, rejecting and completing work requests that are tailored to your organization’s needs.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Send customers an automated email alert when a work request is approved or rejected, and then an automated email alert with a satisfaction survey once work has been completed.

Choose Between 3 Scalable Options

The choice is yours – select which work request option works for you: (1) work requestors are given an eMaint login that allows them to submit requests and view the history of their requests, (2) work requestors send an email to a designated email address that gets converted into an eMaint work request, or (3) work requestors submit requests to eMaint through a customized web form that is embedded on your company’s intranet.


With everything that goes into completing projects, the last thing you want to worry about is the management of the project itself. That’s where eMaint’s project management tool comes in. It’s as simple as creating a project, and then assigning work orders to it, enabling you to track your progress toward completion.
Don't Fall Behind on Due Dates

Set up a Gantt Chart within the work order tracking software to view all work orders in a single project based on date information, allowing you to visualize how quickly work is being accomplished in reference to the end date.

View Completed Work Quickly & Easily

Generate reports detailing the completed work within the project, including time spent, resources used, and other user-definable fields.

Keep Track of Project Costs

View and track labor and material costs expended for each of your major renovations or overhaul projects.

Mobile Work Management

With eMaint’s mobile work order management solution, you can access real-time data and perform functions throughout your facility and on the road, empowering your team to respond to requests promptly and efficiently.
Respond to Emergencies Quickly

Improve workflow efficiency and ensure on-time completion of safety-related work orders by receiving work request alerts, and approving/rejecting them on your mobile device.

Stay Connected On-the-Go

Submit work requests anytime, anywhere‒including pictures uploaded from your mobile device‒on eMaint’s mobile maintenance management solution.

Reduce Paperwork Waste

Get rid of printed work orders by using eMaint’s mobile solution to view, open and close out work orders on-the-go.

Work Order Permitting

Managing your work permits just got easier with eMaint X4! Users have the ability to store work permits on work order records, and edit them on an all-new built-in online PDF document editor.
Upload and Edit Work Permits Online

Simply upload a PDF work permit form to your eMaint account, and use the document editor tools to add text, check marks, a signature, and more.

Track Work Permit Completion

Once a work permit document is completed, a checkbox will automatically be updated, and a PDF of the completed document will be attached to the work order record. This empowers management to easily oversee the completion of work permits.

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