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Manufacturers in the automotive industry may be at different stages in their digital transformation. But virtually all are under competitive pressure to automate processes, integrate software and mobile tools, and optimize their customers’ experience.

eMaint computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software has enabled these four manufacturers of automotive parts and components to increase their maintenance visibility and equipment reliability, reduce paper, enhance customer satisfaction, and save time and money. With eMaint CMMS, these companies have made strides in their journey to digital transformation.

Here are their individual stories:


For Troy, increased communication means improved customer satisfaction

Prior to implementing eMaint CMMS, Redford, Mich.-based Troy Design & Manufacturing was managing maintenance through two paper-based systems: one that generated PMs (MP2), and one that managed work requests. The company works on all phases of vehicle development, including design and manufacturing of automotive prototypes and stamping.

eMaint CMMS was implemented in February 2012 and both the Facilities and IT teams wasted no time in getting the system into place. Leveraging eMaint’s mobile functionality, the company began automating work orders. Users were able to swiftly and efficiently complete jobs through phone notifications and the company intranet. eMaint also assisted in improving customer satisfaction by sustaining Troy’s 96% work-completion rate and eliminating of paper work orders.

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With data tracking, Dana Corp. streamlines its maintenance practices

The Dana Holding Corporation, a worldwide supplier of vehicle powertrain components, began its maintenance transformation in 2014. That’s when the Fort Wayne, Ind., company abandoned a legacy system and incorporated eMaint. Their goal included collecting and tracking data to streamline maintenance practices.

Within four months, the company seamlessly imported their assets, configured the system to suit their needs, and trained more than 250 end users. Preventive maintenance is now the priority at Dana.

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Cadillac Casting pleases users, saves big on software and licensing

Cadillac Casting, based in Cadillac, Mich., produces components for some of the most popular vehicles on the road. The company manufactures exhaust manifolds, steering knuckles, and other components for chassis, engines, and more.

After a quick and painless implementation of eMaint in 2005, its users quickly adopted the software and configured it to meet their needs. Suddenly, the company had a system to help process and manage 30,000 annual work orders as well as save 95% in annual software fees and 66% in upfront software licensing costs. One of the company’s biggest benefits from eMaint was getting a faster, friendlier system that its users swiftly accepted.

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Dunn Tire benchmarks its performance to ensure continuous improvement

Dunn Tire began tracking assets and managing work order requests in 2014 using eMaint in 2014. Using a CMMS enabled service managers to plan and schedule both in-house and contract labor more efficiently. Leaders could also develop preventive maintenance schedules for critical assets, such as automotive pad lifts, HVAC systems, air dryers, and other integral systems. eMaint directly led to a 25% reduction in corrective work for critical pad lifts and 35% of emergency work for air-dryer units.

The Buffalo-based retailer also began managing fleet maintenance using eMaint CMMS. Team members leveraged eMaint for PM and vendor maintenance scheduling for Dunn Tire’s 100+ delivery vehicles. eMaint CMMS also allowed them to analyze vehicle performance and relay information about bad actors to company management.

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