How to Calculate CMMS ROI (Infographic)

In order to justify spending time, money and resources on a CMMS, its all about showing a beneficial Return On Investment (ROI) to executives. By estimating the cost savings on the daily problems that a CMMS works to improve, it becomes more clear how much money your organization can save down the line.
At eMaint, we developed a CMMS ROI Calculator to help you gain a more nuanced understanding of ROI calculations, and broke up the cost benefits of CMMS into four major categories: labor/productivity, parts/inventory, downtime and asset health. By analyzing these categories separately to consider the potential reductions, you can calculate your total annual savings from implementing CMMS.
To illustrate the point further, we wanted to share Betterbuys‘ infographic “How to Calculate the ROI of CMMS,” which helps neatly illustrate the “how, what, when, where and why” of calculating a CMMS ROI for your organization.

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