Upgrading to eMaint CMMS Software Elevates AFD Management Services’ Capabilities

Customer Since: 2018 | Industry: Oil & Gas

More than 700 islands, islets, and cays make up the Bahamas, the third-richest country in the world. Imagine the challenges a company might face when tasked with maintaining thousands of petroleum gas station assets spread across the sprawling island chain.

Although AFD Management Services was successfully managing more than 250 work orders per month, its previous computer maintenance management system (CMMS) was limited to tracking work orders. AFD needed software that could automate tasks, improve workflows, create custom reports, and give customers work-order status visibility. By upgrading to eMaint CMMS software, the organization not only advanced its operations but also significantly expanded the abilities of its mobile workforce.

  • Provided private eMaint CMMS portals to allow customers to view work- order progress

  • Generated accurate reports to quantify work-order completions to customers

  • Enabled the use of data to identify equipment problems and root causes


AFD Management Services specializes in project management services from conception to completion and facilitates successful turnkey operations. The organization supplies, maintains, and repairs petroleum station equipment from top to bottom, including onsite convenience store equipment.

Keith Robinson, operations and safety manager for AFD Management Services, writes the company’s processes and procedures for workplace safety and ensures compliance. He is responsible for day-to-day maintenance activities and oversees the work performed by AFD’s personnel. He also verifies that optimal levels of maintenance and repairs are met.


AFD had been using inefficient and outmoded computer maintenance management system software. Robinson determined that its existing CMMS was incapable of providing what the organization required, including the ability to create reports and manage parts inventory. Generally, the system in use offered little information of value, prompting AFD to seek a more robust solution.


After researching computer maintenance management system software, AFD selected eMaint CMMS for its superior capabilities. Robinson and the company’s technicians quickly learned how to leverage the software through eMaint CMMS workshops. Team members discovered the ease of managing work orders from start to finish and from any location using their mobile phones.


By implementing eMaint CMMS software, AFD Management Services gained a comprehensive view of the amount and type of work being performed. The organization now tracks inventory quantities and usage at various stages, and Robinson has just started to leverage the CMMS to improve inventory ordering. Critical reports are easily created and used by maintenance and reliability teams to detect equipment problems and address potential equipment failures before they happen.


  • Greatly improved communication between customers and AFD maintenance operations

  • Expanded the use of data to drive maintenance decisions

  • Furthered opportunities to meet and exceed customer expectations

“If there’s something it [eMaint] doesn’t do that your company needs, just either call a manager or the support team, and I can guarantee you that if it can be done, it will be done. That has been my experience to this date.” -Keith Robinson, operations and safety manager for AFD Management Services