Case Study: Drylock Uses Maintenance Management CMMS

Drylock Technologies Ltd, formerly known as Presto Absorbent designs, manufactures and sells disposable adult incontinence products. Drylock wanted to transition from a firefighting maintenance mode to a proactive approach. The company looked for a CMMS system to support the shift. When the company’s API maintenance manager Jason Anderson found eMaint, he pointed out the system’s robust and flexible features gaining buy in at the corporate level.
The company first used the system to schedule work and label assets. The team then began standardizing preventive maintenance (PM) specifics, such as asset structure and spare parts terminology. Next, Jason developed a dashboard so the entire team could see planned PMs and production, making group work scheduling easier.

The Drylock team processes and effectively manages nearly 1,200 work orders per month using eMaint CMMS. Jason is constantly impressed by the support he receives from the eMaint customer service team. Because of the flexibility of the software, the company plans to expand usage soon. Since implementing eMaint, Drylock has:

  • Achieved a 50% reduction in scrap/waste
  • Sustained 70% planned work routine
  • Improved productivity by adjusting the PM schedule
  • Experienced continuous improvements in efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enabled a smooth company-wide transition toward world-class maintenance
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