eMaint, a Fluke company, has been helping companies manage and improve their maintenance operations since 1986. Before you become an eMaint customer, we consult with you and your stakeholders to understand your needs in corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance across all your business units, divisions, or sites.

eMaint customers can realize numerous benefits when implementing a single solution across their entire organization, as opposed to taking a single business unit or single-site approach. Implementing a standard Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution such as eMaint gives you the benefit of centralized reporting and standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), along with standard workflows, processes, and preventive maintenance schedules. eMaint’s multisite toolkit allows you to view spare inventory across all locations, saving you time and money when locating a critical spare part.

Implementation methodology

As referenced by Reliable Plant, up to 80 percent of CMMS implementations are usually at risk of failing to meet customer expectations. At eMaint, we have developed and honed our implementation onboarding services over the course of delivering successful solutions to thousands of customers around the world. This onboarding service is designed to match your eMaint system to your processes and business requirements across all your locations to get you up and running efficiently—and help you achieve a measurable return on investment (ROI) as quickly as possible. eMaint can work with you and your stakeholders to create and configure a Master Account that can be used across all your locations.

eMaint’s Multi-Site Implementation Onboarding Service can span 12 or more weeks, depending on the number of sites and complexity of the implementation, as determined by the recommended configuration planning session. Implementation can include all or some of these activities:

  • Project kick-off meeting (video conference) with the client stakeholder team
  • Update the implementation timeline and manage the implementation process and activities
  • eMaint University set-up with an overview of the course assignment process using role-based course recommendations for you and your users
  • Setup assistance for users/user rights
  • System setup and configuration to align eMaint to your business requirements, including filtered list views, forms, fields, workflows for work requests, work orders, contacts, assets, parts, and PMs (preventive maintenance)
  • Assist you in defining your reports and dashboards to align with your standard KPIs
  • Sandbox test environment setup and review
  • Remote training of your system administrator on the configuration that has been applied to your eMaint system
  • Plan your go-live activities and process
  • Assistance with Data Import Tool usage
  • Create and configure Master Account to be used at all locations

Figure 1. The most successful CMMS implementations follow this kind of roadmap

Additional site(s) implementation methodology

Leveraging a copy of the Master Account allows you to standardize processes across your entire organization. This Master Account also allows for rapid deployment at each additional site. Remote implementation services for additional sites span over two weeks. Activities include:

  • Uploading data (from eMaint Import Templates)
  • Adding site users/applying roles
  • Applying site-specific filters and workflows
  • Configuring site-specific reports/dashboard
  • Creating a Sandbox test environment

Continuous Support

As you prepare for the next phase in your maintenance and reliability journey, eMaint is there to support you. After deployment, we provide continuous, ongoing support  (see Figure 1). Then, after working with your Implementation Specialist, you’ll receive continued support from your Customer Success Manager and our Support Team.

eMaint Experience with Projects Similar in Scope

eMaint has experience with CMMS implementation projects whose scopes expand across the organization. Examples include projects for customers in a broad range of industry segments including Government, Energy, Services, Warehouse Distribution, Education, Nonprofit, and Manufacturing.

This article in Plant Engineering Magazine describes the steps four eMaint customers took to make their multi-site implementations a success.


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