eMaint Visionary

The Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) is a snapshot of an industry’s leading vendors and their direction, maturity, and strengths. Each of the four quadrants within the MQ represent a different level of achievement. Gartner, an IT consulting firm, performs extensive market research and analysis before releasing Magic Quadrants each year for various industries.

As we announced in October 2019, eMaint, a Fluke Reliability company, was named to the Visionary quadrant in the latest MQ for Enterprise Asset Management Software.

Inclusion in the MQ is an honor in and of itself. To be considered a Visionary, “a vendor must have a coherent, compelling, and innovative strategy that seeks to deliver a robust and evolving offering to the market,” according to the Gartner report. “Visionaries are often thought leaders in one or more EAM solution dimension (for example, functionality, services, go-to-market, vertical industry or deployment strategies).”

At eMaint, we are proud of this recognition and believe it reflects an ongoing commitment to our customers’ success. Further evidence of this commitment was provided in February 2020, when eMaint was recognized with the 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice distinction for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software.

We strive to empower maintenance and reliability teams by offering greater access to data and insights, improved efficiencies, and unparalleled support. As more and more organizations move into predictive maintenance and leverage the IIoT, we are finding ways to help them integrate and innovate.

eMaint cited for flexibility and ease of use

The full Gartner Magic Quadrant report highlights numerous ways eMaint stands out, including flexibility, integration, and ease of use. “[eMaint] is well suited to clients seeking a simple, straightforward EAM solution with minimal footprint and disruption,” it states.

Customer reviews play a key role in the Gartner EAM MQ. According to the Gartner report, “Customer loyalty and stickiness of the customer relationship is strong, given the end-user characteristics and the preference for continuity.”

eMaint had one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction of the products analyzed. That’s just one of the reasons we were named a Visionary vendor. “eMaint was ranked high by customer references in contract negotiations, contract flexibility and pricing, value for money, relationship and dealing with the vendor, service and support, and response to problems.”

Magic Quadrant represents a selective group

The Magic Quadrant included only the EAM solutions that met the following base criteria:

  • Demonstrable track record in large asset-intensive organizations
  • License or subscription fee revenue of $3 million or more over the past 12 months
  • Cover multiple geographies and industries
  • Designed to scale to more than 100 concurrent users

The products chosen for inclusion in the MQ were then evaluated on a broad range of metrics. Beyond the customer experience, factors analyzed by Gartner included the core goods and services offered by each vendor, their market responsiveness and market understanding, their approach to product development and delivery, innovation, and more.

At eMaint, you can be assured of this: We will continuously improve and build on the traits that helped us achieve Visionary status, so that we can help more and more customers advance and enhance their reliability experience.

For more information, please visit the eMaint customer success stories webpage.