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How To Select The Right CMMS

When CMMS solutions such as eMaint first arrived on the market, there were only a few vendors to choose from. Today, the market is saturated with options, so it can all be a little overwhelming. To help you along the way, we have compiled a list of some of the most common mistakes people make when prioritizing CMMS vendors.

1) Trying to find a CMMS/EAM with the perfect user interface

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Though a CMMS should have a user-friendly interface, the look and feel of a system should not be the most critical way to decide between different solutions. Intuitive CMMS solutions such as eMaint offer the ability to fully-customize screens, reports and much more to fit the needs of your organization.

2) Selecting a CMMS/EAM based solely on short-term needs

To make significant change in your organization, it is important to select a CMMS that not only services your needs in the near future. The CMMS requirements of your team should cover goals of your organization over a minimum of three years. These plans should work to outline changes not only within your maintenance department, but finance, engineering, purchasing and more should also be included.

3) Thinking that owning and maintaining CMMS software on your own is the best option

Many think that owning and maintaining CMMS software within an organization’s facility is the most cost-effective option. However, with modern technological advances, the popular Software-as-a-Service model offers customers software at a lower Total Cost of Ownership, monthly subscription fees with no commitment, and updates that are automatically installed by your provider.

4) Focusing all your energy on the success of the go-live

Implementation is a process, and should not stop when your organization goes live with a CMMS solution. Success and implementation of CMMS features should be continuous, based on the goals set forth by your organization. Setting these goals and putting less stock in the go-live will help sustain improvements after the novelty of the system fades away. Plus, a narrow focus on the go-live may lead you to choose a CMMS provider that does not have the training and services that you may need to continue to succeed.

5) Not considering the big picture of your organization

When choosing a CMMS solution, many multi-site organizations only consider the needs of a single facility. Because an effective CMMS is scalable to fit organizations of all sizes and shapes, it is key to select a CMMS that can accommodate the needs of every facility within your organization. Consider the big picture, and plan different ways your entire organization can utilize your CMMS.